Shinto Landscaping Announces Consolidated Brand

Three subsidiary companies will now operate under Shinto Landscaping.

January 8, 2024, Deerfield Beach – Shinto Landscaping, a leading South Florida commercial landscaping company, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The rebrand will unify its three subsidiary companies, increase operational efficiency, and provide brand recognition.

In January 2022, Shinto Landscaping began merging its subsidiary companies: GemLawn & Landscape, Innovative Grounds Maintenance, and Nanak’s Landscaping. With a goal to provide our customers with seamless service, tangible results, and a value-added relationship with end-to-end service from installation to maintenance, the company will now operate under one name: Shinto Landscaping.

“Our leadership is a group of seasoned entrepreneurs with diverse yet complementary backgrounds who want to create opportunities,” said Jay Leyva, CEO of Shinto Landscaping.

He added, “Under a unified brand, we leverage our collective expertise, proven systems and processes, and shared resources to create win-win situations.”

This rebranding initiative underscores our dedication to innovation, growth, and continuous improvement in an ever-evolving industry landscape. Shinto Landscaping reinforces its position as a trusted leader in commercial landscaping services in South Florida by unifying its subsidiary companies under a single, cohesive brand identity.

We invite you to explore our new website, brand story and service offerings.

About Shinto Landscaping

Shinto Landscaping is a South Florida full-service landscape maintenance and installation company. With a complete range of services, we cater to commercial properties and residential developments, including office and industrial parks, hotels, resorts, and apartment developments in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

Shinto Landscaping specializes in: