Project Description

Entryway Upgrade at Suburban Mid-Rise Office Park

PROJECT: Royal Palm 1 & 2 Entrance Median and Office Frontage

The main drive leading to the roundabout is lined with Royal Palms. The entrance islands at Royal Palm 1 & 2 were getting old, and the plant material was in decline. There was missing plant material at the office frontage.

Our team came up with a design that eliminated the St. Augustine grass in the islands and replaced it with native and adapted plants to fill out the entire island. A native plant was installed as a new perimeter hedge, and the existing bougainvillea front on site was relocated to add more natural color and height.

The award-winning building now has a traffic circle that serves as a focal point with its perfectly manicured tropical landscape with fuchsia and purple bougainvillea and shrubs in shades of greens and reds.

The mixed plantings on the buildings’ perimeters are designed to accent the symmetry found on the property. Plantings include Pygmy Date Palms, ornamental trees, ground coverings, and a variety of textured tropical perennials that add dimension and color. All plantings are native, drought-resistant vegetation and shrubs.