Shinto Landscaping client, Eastgroup Properties, Wins NatureScape Emerald Award

Celebrating Environmental Stewardship: EastGroup Properties’ Executive Airport Center Named NatureScape Emerald Award Honoree

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to the Eastgroup Properties team at Airport Executive Center – a valued client of Shinto Landscaping, on their outstanding achievement in being named an honoree for the prestigious Emerald Award at Water Matters Day, held at Tree Top Park on Saturday, March 9th.

Isabella Blanco - Naturescape Broward Emerald Award HonoreeThe NatureScape Emerald Award is a highly esteemed recognition that honors individuals, businesses, municipalities, schools, and government facilities for their exemplary efforts in creating and maintaining environmentally-friendly landscapes. This award celebrates those who have demonstrated visible ecological practices.

Isabella Blanco, Property Manager at Airport Executive Center‘s dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability has not gone unnoticed. As a client of Shinto Landscaping, she has collaborated closely with our Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Certified Professionals team to implement innovative eco-friendly practices in Eastgroup Properties’ landscapes.

Working with Isabella Blanco to spearhead initiatives transforming landscapes into thriving ecosystems, promoting biodiversity and conservation is an honor. Her partnership with Shinto Landscaping reflects a shared commitment to excellence in landscape maintenance and environmental responsibility.

As we celebrate Isabella Blanco’s well-deserved recognition, we are reminded of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable practices in building a better future for future generations. Her contributions exemplify the power of collaboration and individual action in making a significant difference in our communities and planet.

We thank Isabella Blanco and Eastgroup Properties for their partnership with Shinto Landscaping and their dedication to sustainability. Together, we can continue to work towards a greener, healthier planet for all.

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